What your day in a yukata looks like




Please use the reservation form to make a reservation.
When making a reservation by phone, please tell us the date and time (preferred meal time), the number of guests, name, cuisine and contact information.




Please arrive by the time of your reservation. (Last time for entry is 16:30)
Contact us by telephone if you are arriving on the Eizan Train. We will pick you up at Kibuneguchi Station. In some cases, you will need to make a parking reservation if you come by car. See Access for details.



Selection of yukata and accessories

You are able to choose your favorite yukata and accessories. We have a large variety so enjoy coordinating your very own style. You can take home not only the yukata but also all accessories such as geta (wooden clogs) and the string tie purse in your personal bag.



Changing into your yukata

After choosing your yukata and accessories, you may change into them. Assistance with putting on the yukata is optional. Please feel free to ask. (Additional charge ¥1,000)



Dining at Kawadokoro

Once you are dressed and ready, it’s time for the riverside experience.
Go down to the riverside in your yukata to enjoy your kaiseki cuisine. Please enjoy the riverside experience of delicious food, and traditional yukata—only available at Kibunesou.

Kibune Shrine


Exploring the Kibune surroundings

Leisurely explore the Kibunesou surroundings after your meal.
Why not take a photo of yourself wearing the yukata with the riverside platform behind you and enjoy the walk to Kibune Shrine near Kibunesou or your favorite spot.



Return to Kibunesou and seeing off

After you enjoy your walk, return once again to Kibunesou. Usually, guests will change back to their normal clothes, but it is possible to make your return journey in your yukata. We look forward to seeing you again!