May – September

Eat at Kawadokoro in a yukata (summer kimono).
Make summer memories in Kibune, Kyoto.

Explore and stroll about Kibune after experiencing the wonders of Japanese course meal
atop a wooden platform on the banks of the river.
The tradition of spending time in a yukata is an enjoyable summer-only experience
for everyone offered by Kibunesou.

Plan Description/Price List

This great-value plan includes a Kawadoko course meal cuisine
with a basic yukata set (yukata, a glass of wine, and Japanese fan).
After changing into your yukata, enjoy a meal by the river and the walk around Kibune town.

All guests receive a yukata set

The yukata set worn is gifted to customers as a memento of the trip.
We have over 30 different types of yukata in rotation with new styles added every year, so we look forward to your next visit.
Pack nothing and enjoy the summer wonders of Kibune.

[Yukata Set Contents]

Yukata, obi (belt), geta (wooden clogs), two waist cords, obi shape plate, and personal-use bag
Yukata, obi, geta, one waist cord, and personal-use bag

Price List

Plan Name Women Men  
Seiryu Kaiseki Cuisine
and Yukata Stroll Plan
¥21,000 ¥23,000 See the Menu
Conger Eel Shabu Kaiseki
and Yukata Stroll Plan
¥21,000 ¥23,000 See the Menu
Ishibi Kaiseki
and Yukata Stroll Plan
¥21,000 ¥23,000 See the Menu
Ayadori Colorful
and Yukata Stroll Plan
¥18,000 ¥20,000 See the Menu
Seseragi Babbling
and Yukata Stroll Plan
¥15,500 ¥17,500 See the Menu
Ishibi Grill
and Yukata Stroll Plan
¥15,500 ¥17,500 See the Menu
  • * 4:30 pm is the cut-off time for the yukata plan.
  • * Weekends and holidays until mid-August incur a ¥1,000 surcharge.
  • * Fitting service is available for an additional ¥1,000. You may have to wait during the peak hours.
  • * Prices are per person and excluding tax.
Click here to make reservations for the Yukata Stroll plan When booking, please indicate your preferred meal time.

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Yukata girl Fish

An Uchiwa (Japanese Fan) Gift

We present our guests with an uchiwa featuring an original design from Kibunesou. The design changes every year, so you might want to start a collection. Please look forward to this year's design.

* Available to customers spending over ¥5500.