October – April

A variety of nutritious dishes that warm both body and mind

Edible wild plants and soy milk, tea leaves and boar meat. Kibunesou prepares meals that guests enjoy using a variety of carefully chosen ingredients for its hot pots and course meals.


Boar Hot Pot¥7,500

appetizer,second course,A Single Dish,Boar Hot Pot (Meat & Vegetables), rice,picked vegetables,dessert


Sansho Hot Pot¥4,900

Appetizers,Sansho Hot Pot,rice,picked vegetables,dessert


Tea leaf Hot Pot¥4,900

Appetizers,Tea leaf Hot Pot,rice,picked vegetables,dessert


Soy Milk Hot Pot¥4,900

Appetizers,Soy Milk Hot Pot,rice,picked vegetables,dessert


Boar Meat Kaiseki¥8,500

Appetizers,second course,Various Ingredients Served in Soup,sashimi,Boiled Ingredients,Grilled,Course Meal Appetizers,small bowl,vinegar-flavored palate cleanser, rice,picked vegetables,Tome-wan (Soup Served with Rice),dessert


Autumn Colors Lunch Box¥6,000

Appetizer,sashimi,Boiled Ingredients,Grilled,Course Meal Appetizers,rice,picked vegetables,Tome-wan (Soup Served with Rice),dessert


Omekashi Lunch Box¥2,400

Bento (Lunch Box),rice,picked vegetables,Tome-wan (Soup Served with Rice)


Komochi Ayu Chazuke (Rice with Green Tea Poured on Top)1,900円

Ayu Fish Chazuke (Rice with Green Tea Poured on Top),Side Dish,A Single Dish,picked vegetables

  • Boar Hot Pot
  • Sansho Hot Pot
  • Tea leaf Hot Pot
  • Soy Milk Hot Pot
  • Boar Meat Kaiseki
  • Autumn Colors Lunch Box
  • Omekashi Lunch Box
  • Komochi Ayu Chazuke
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  • * The photos of our food are examples and may differ according to availability. Please let us know beforehand of any food allergies.
  • * All prices shown excluding tax.

Wine and Liquor

We have a selection of local wines to German wines all suited for Kyoto course meal cuisine.
We also offer a range of Japanese rice wine and shochu (Japanese liquor). Please ask our staff.