October – April

The fire grate filled with warmth of the fire

A fire grate where time moves slowly and seemingly nostalgic. The crackling of the flames and scent of the wood in the fireplace’s gentle warmth awaits you after the walk. Peony pepper, tea leaves, and soy milk. Hot pot dishes using iron pots stewed on the charcoal fire using ingredients unique to Kyoto—enjoy delicious dishes sitting around the fireplace.

After revitalizing your mind and body with the meal, feel free to nap or chat with others. Enjoy the soothing and healing feel of the shimmering fire in the Kibune region’s calm of winter.


The spring and autumn
mountain overlooking

To the mountainside oversees the life of spring and summer, gently lit by the sunlight. Enjoy the sound and scent of the seasons, and the fresh green and maple colors of the Kibune mountains.
There is a captivating feeling when overlooking the path towards the Kibune Shrine from the terrace.

We offer a plethora of sweets and tea cafe menu as well as the usual seasonal dishes. Please enjoy the amazing sweets of Kibune.