Welcome to Kyoto’s retreat

The water flowing from the large waterfall and the cool breeze that blows across the riverside.
While wrapped in the sounds of the waterfall, enjoy the seasonal dishes of a Japanese course meal.

Forget the everyday hustle and bustle, as you are transported into a different world of nature,
in which to relax and take pleasure.
The entire staff of Kibunesou welcomes you with all our hearts, on an enjoyable day of exploration.

We are looking forward to your visit, and to provide for you seasonal tastes,
only available in nature, at this particular times of the year.


The four seasons of Kibunesou

The wooden platform changes theme according to the season of Kibunesou.
Let us introduce some photos showing the locations and cuisine that change alongside the seasons.

Free shuttle

Free shuttle information

Free shuttle

Pick up is available from the Eizan train in Kibuneguchi Station.
Pick up from Kyoto is possible for parties of 15 people or more. Please inquire for more details.